Our Top Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips and Treatments

August 9, 2023
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pre wedding skincare at Bodytonic Medspas Cleveland

Wedding planning is one of the most exciting times in your life. But with the sheer volume of things to think about, there’s no denying it can also be a little overwhelming. 

When starting to plan for the big day, most people start with the biggest things: the venue, the guest list, the dress… often leaving the “seemingly” smaller things until later. But your wedding is a truly special, once-in-a-lifetime event, so it goes without saying that you’ll want to look and feel your absolute best as you walk down the aisle. And this is why an early visit to a medical spa should be high on the list of things to do first. Because the longer you have to put into action a good skincare routine before your wedding, the more radiant you’ll look and feel on the big day. 

At BodyTonic med spa in Cleveland, we understand the significance of your special day, and we know just how to help you achieve the flawless skin and overall vitality that you’ll want to be exuding on your wedding day. 

So keep reading to find out our top tips and suggestions for your pre-wedding skincare and wellness routine, or – if you’re a bride-to-be based in Cleveland – book a consultation today and let’s start planning this important part of your most special day.

How to plan your bridal skincare routine

Many brides make the mistake of leaving their wedding beauty treatment planning until closer to the big day, but while makeup, hair, and nails can all be planned for much closer to the day, other beauty treatments need time to achieve the best results. 

Ideally and when possible, we recommend visiting a med spa for your first consultation at least a year if not 18 months before the wedding. While you may not need to start any treatments that early, this timeframe allows the beauty practitioners to assess your skin's current condition, discuss your skincare and beauty goals, and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to achieve the results you’re after.

Most skin rejuvenation treatments require multiple sessions to achieve optimal results, and you’ll often want a bit of downtime between the last treatment and the big day. So the earlier you start thinking about your pre-wedding skincare and beauty routine, the more options you’ll have. 

For most treatments, a minimum of six months of preparation is usually enough to ensure you’ll be utterly glowing inside and out on your wedding day. But if you don’t even have that long, don’t worry – there are still plenty of options available to enhance your skin's appearance and make sure you’ll be looking and feeling amazing on the day.

Planning your pre-wedding beauty treatments in Cleveland

If you’re based in the Cleveland area, come and see us at BodyTonic. We love nothing more than being a part of someone’s special day, and take great pleasure in curating a treatment plan or bridal skincare routine that will not only ensure you’ll be looking incredible, but which also gives you moments of relief and relaxation during this busy and sometimes stressful time! 

We take a comprehensive and personalized approach to skincare and beauty at BodyTonic, which starts with our completely free and no-obligation consultations during which we utilize the 7th Generation VISIA® Skin Analysis System to analyze your skin at a deeper level. This cutting-edge technology allows us to identify areas of improvement and the best services and treatments specifically for your skin's unique needs and goals – also taking into account your timeframe and budget.

Whether you want to tackle specific issues like fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, or acne scars, or to simply ensure your skin is looking its best on the day, our team of passionate and skilled professionals will curate a customized treatment plan to help you achieve a flawless and radiant complexion.

The most popular pre-wedding med spa facial treatments

All of the treatments offered in med spas are designed to enhance your skin and overall appearance, which means just about every treatment could be worth considering in the run-up to your wedding, which is why individual consultations are so important. 

However, certain treatments are fast becoming bride-to-be staples. So here’s a summary of our most popular pre-wedding skincare and beauty treatments, why they are ideal for brides, and when we recommend you start planning for them: 


One of the ultimate must-do treatments when it comes to planning your skincare routine before your wedding, a Hydrafacial is a gentle and highly effective facial treatment that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin – leaving it revitalized, brighter, cleaner, and clearer than ever. It also evens out skin tone, creating the perfect base for flawless makeup. Multiple treatments over the course of a few months will give you optimal results, and there’s virtually no downtime, so it’s one of the treatments we also recommend doing the week of your wedding. 


A popular non-invasive treatment that gently exfoliates the skin and removes vellus hair, dermaplaning leaves your face ultra smooth, free of imperfections, and with a radiant glow. And by removing all peach fuzz from your face, it’s another excellent option for ensuring flawless makeup application. With instant results and next to no downtime, we recommend having a dermaplaning session about a week before your wedding, while multiple sessions over the previous months will give you the greatest results in terms of achieving a smooth and radiant skin texture.


Injectables such as Botox® and dermal fillers are popular choices for brides looking to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, add volume, enhance certain features, and generally achieve a more youthful appearance. If you’ve never had injectables before, make sure you have your first treatment at least six months before your wedding so you know exactly how it will look, with time to make adjustments. Generally, we’d recommend having your last injectable treatment done around six to eight weeks before the big day. Botox can also be used to prevent sweating, so it’s popular with brides planning a summer wedding for this reason too.

Skin Rejuvenation treatments

Other skin rejuvenation treatments, such as microneedling, MOXI laser skin resurfacing, and PDO thread lift can significantly improve skin texture, tone, and overall appearance. These types of treatment generally need multiple sessions to achieve the best results, so the earlier you can start the better. 

The most popular pre-wedding med spa facial treatments  list in Cleveland

Amazing body treatments to prepare for your wedding

While your face is bound to be your focal point for your wedding beauty goals, there’s plenty you can do to pamper your body too, ensuring you’ll truly feel your best on this special day. Here are some of the incredible body treatments that more and more brides are considering before their weddings.

Laser hair removal

Not having to think about shaving or waxing for your wedding day, not to mention your honeymoon, is something that prompts many a bride-to-be into finally opting for laser hair removal. Most patients need six to eight sessions in total, spaced out about four to eight weeks apart, so it’s best to get started as early as possible. But don’t worry if you don’t have time for the full treatment plan before your wedding – results are noticeable from the first session, and permanently smooth, silky, stubble-free skin is a wedding gift to yourself that you’ll enjoy long into the future. 

Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo is a revolutionary non-invasive body contouring treatment that can build and tone muscles while simultaneously eliminating stubborn fat, helping you to achieve a more sculpted physique and to finally combat those trickiest of areas in the run-up to your wedding. The best results come from a course of four treatments over a period of about six weeks, so starting a few months before the big day is ideal. 


Getting married can be an impetus for many to try and lose the weight they’ve wanted to for a while, and Semaglutide is proving to be an excellent solution for people who’ve struggled to lose weight. An FDA-approved injectable weight-loss treatment, it’s suited to people who are obese or overweight, and it can have remarkable results. However, it’s never recommended to try and rush things like weight loss, and this treatment needs to be combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, so it’s best to look into this at least a year before your wedding day if possible. 

IV Therapy: the Myers’ Cocktail

IV Therapy has become incredibly popular in recent years, and it’s a treatment perfectly suited to soon-to-be brides and grooms. Regular sessions are amazing for boosting overall vitality, hydration, energy, alleviating stress, rejuvenating the skin, and so much more, making it an ideal regular treatment in the months before your wedding. But even just a one-off session in the days before your wedding will provide a beneficial boost of wellness, hydration, and vitality to ensure you’re feeling your best for your wedding day.

At-home skincare before the wedding

While you’ll always achieve the best results from in-salon treatments, don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining a quality at-home skincare routine before the wedding either.

To complement the treatments you’re having at the spa, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent and effective daily at-home skincare routine. Your practitioner will be able to advise you on the best skincare routine and products for your specific skin and needs, but daily cleansing and moisturizing is always a must, as is wearing sunscreen, and always ensure you’re properly hydrated. Glowing skin really does start from within! 

Pre-wedding skincare and beauty treatments in Cleveland

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and here at BodyTonic we want to ensure you look and feel your absolute best on what is going to be one of the most special days of your life. 

If you live in the Cleveland area, contact us at BodyTonic med spa today to book your free no-obligation consultation, and let our team of experienced professionals guide you on your pre-wedding skincare journey. We will create a customized treatment plan to address your unique needs and ensure you exude confidence and radiance on your special day – not to mention, provide you with the opportunity to rest, relax, and be pampered with revitalizing treatments in the months running up to your big day. 

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and we can't wait to be a part of your pre-wedding preparations!

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