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Skin Blemish 101: Different Types, How to Treat Them, and How to Prevent Them

If there’s one thing we can safely say that every single person will face during their life, it’s skin imperfections.  A totally normal and inevitable part of life, skin blemishes […]
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Get rid of melasma forever - Cleveland

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Melasma Forever?

Anyone who suffers from melasma will know what a frustrating skin condition it is.  One of the more stubborn forms of hyperpigmentation, it’s also frustratingly temperamental, often worsening at the […]
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How to Remove Pigmentation from the Face Permanently 

Dark spots and other types of pigmentation are some of the most common skin concerns. Not only can they affect all skin types, but they can be caused by a […]
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Acne Scars: Removal & Treatment in Cleveland

Despite being the most common skin condition in the USA and affecting over 50 million Americans per year, we know that acne’s prevalence makes it no less annoying or upsetting […]
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